EEG amplifier Neurobelt Medical Computer Systems

EEG amplifier Neurobelt Medical Computer Systems

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This Biomedical wireless amplifier NeuroBelt NB-EEG4 is intended for long-term recording and wireless transmission up to 4 channels of EEG. In the computer systems that provide data acquisition and processing, such as systems for monitoring the patient, including during sleep, systems with biological feedback (BF), system of psycho-physiological testing, and system control of operators. Packaging includes Biomedical wireless amplifier NB-EEG4, an EEG4 cable, MCScap7 (EEG-cap with fixing rings placed according to F3, F4, C3,C4, P3, P4 and GND), NB USB wireless adapter, Charger, Syringe, 20 ml, Needle with a blunted tip, and an EEG gel, 200ml.
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