Electroencephalograph NEUROVIEW Vales & Hills BioMedical Tech.

Electroencephalograph NEUROVIEW Vales & Hills BioMedical Tech.

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The flexible solution for high quality paperless EEG The use of digital technology for the pur poses of recording and reviewing of neurophysiological records is now the standard in the clinical environment. The application in the case of the electroencephalogram is generally referred as paperless EEG. Neuro View paperless digital EEG system utilizes state of the art surface mount electronics technology for patient signal amplification. The technology ensures that quality of patient signal delivered to the recording instrument is of a consistently high quality. NeuroView Quantitative Analysis In addition to the easy to use powerful review and reply facilities for routine clinical EEG,the NeuroView system incorporates additional sophisticated quantitative analysis. The results of analysis may be displayed as numeric data,histograms and topographic brain maps.A large number of data display measures are available including peak frequency,mean frequency,center frequency and many others. 10-20 Standard Lead System Selectable lead:9Uni-polar leads,3Bi-polar leads,3Free style leads Power Spectrum EEG Mapping One Channel ECG One Channel Respiration Flash Stimulation Audio Stimulation Windows 98/2000/XP Based Isolated
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