ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory ECHO-60 Vales & Hills BioMedical Tech.

ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory ECHO-60 Vales & Hills BioMedical Tech.

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ECHO-60 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Noninvasive oscillometric ABP monitor Up to 24th Automatic ABP monitoring Small,portable and good-shaped Powerful functions and ease of operation Manual activation Results directly shown on LCD of ABP monitor Microprocessor controlled for reliability and accuracy Software features Windows 98/2000/XP English/Chinese Platform XP style inferface,ease of operation,clear of view,and freely English-Chinese language switching Create new patient files,and manage the database Download data from ABP recorder Quick and reliable replay Five different graph types and a table report including notes,easy to convert patient files to any formats for further analysis and editing Versatile display,ability to switch to plane,3D,and cartoon effect to help doctors have full disclousure Big capacity for patients files,file retrieve,backup and resume at any moment WYSWYG statistical report on patient records printing
  • Measured parameters:ABPM
  • Applications:ambulatory
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