EEG monitoring system Neuron-Spectrum-Video Neurosoft

EEG monitoring system Neuron-Spectrum-Video Neurosoft

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Neuron-Spectrum-Video software module allows performing the synchronous long-term recording of EEG, polygraphic channels, video from up to 3 cameras with position and zoom control from computer, and audio information from up to 3 microphones. The spheres of application are epileptology and polysomnography. The recorded video EEG can be reviewed with normal, increased speeds or by frames. In the process of synchronous review the mutual positioning of EEG and video is possible. Neuron-Spectrum-Video software also include the digital zoom (in/out) of the image fragments and editing of both EEG and video fragments. The module allows creating a disk with different fragments that are "cut" out of the long record, burning- them on CD or DVD together with the built-in review software. Such disk can be reviewed on any computer.
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