EEG mapping system GPS 2.0 Electrical Geodesics

EEG mapping system GPS 2.0 Electrical Geodesics
GPS 2.0

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Precision and accuracy are key when pointing out location of electrical activity origin in the brain. This is where the Geodesic Photogrammetry System (GPS) comes in as it offers improved accurate estimation of brain electrical activity origin through the recognition of scalp EEG sensors. The GPS is a state of the art technology in photography for sensor localization. The GPS 2.0 takes photographs of sensors on the head of the patient through the use of cameras installed in an array. It integrates a total of 11 cameras so storing of all sensor locations simultaneously becomes possible. This also saves time, for both patient and practitioner. Straightaway, sensor locations can be recognized following photography with the use manual marking and software triangulation algorithm.
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