32-channel electroencephalography cap GEM 100 Electrical Geodesics

32-channel electroencephalography cap GEM 100 Electrical Geodesics
GEM 100

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Clinical Geodesic EEG Mobile 100 is faster and more versatile than other conventional EEG systems. GEM 100 can be utilized with the HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets or with your conventional EEG electrodes. The unique Geodesic EEG Mobile 100 product line instant a convenient design, in which the amplifier docks into a headbox for in office use, and effortlessly slides out for use in attended ambulatory EEG. The HCGSN is applied and removed from patients quickly and effortlessly with no need for excessive head measurements, scalp abrasion or glues. Your patients will feel the comfortable electrode placement system of the HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net for EEG in the clinic. The versatile GEM 100 system can also be used with conventional electrodes for ambulatory EEG.
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