EEG amplifier Xltek EMU40EX™ Natus Medical Incorporated

EEG amplifier Xltek EMU40EX™ Natus Medical Incorporated
Xltek EMU40EX™

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Natus, known for their outstanding products and excellent in terms of being reliable brings Xltek EMU40EX™ EEG, a revolution in health-care. XLTEK’s advanced EMU40EX amplifier features Bluetooth wireless technology, offering both data security and continuous patient monitoring. In case of epilepsy monitoring, Xltek EMU40EX™ primarily focuses on patient surveillance. The extended range innovative Bluetooth wireless technology enables patients to loiter around clinical area independently while they are still being monitored. Flash memory is used in wearable unit to record EEG data. When patient plugs back in, the same recorded data is uploaded assuring no data is compromised or lost. The device strictly incorporates a point-to-point Bluetooth connection from patient's breakout box to EMU40EX base unit. Data cannot be received or intercepted by other Bluetooth-enabled device, available in the same area. 40 prominently marked AC channels permit full 10-20 electrode placement. Natus Xltek EMU40EX has been designed especially for EMU facilities, but they can also be accessed for some in-lab Sleep studies as well as clinical EEG. Thus the device has set a new standard in the field of Neurology Diagnostics.
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