EEG amplifier 256 - 1024 Hz | NeuroLink IP™ Natus Medical Incorporated

EEG amplifier 256 - 1024 Hz | NeuroLink IP™ Natus Medical Incorporated
256 - 1024 Hz | NeuroLink IP™

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The Natus NeuroLink IP system was intended for patient expediency. The device is easy for transportation as it is lightweight and small in structure. Merging of high signal quality, ease and litheness in both system and configuration this device also secures the user’s recorded data for an enhancing precise interpretation. Particularly made for precise localization of brain abnormalities, the device is configured with high-density 256 channels with the compressed amplifier boxes which can be surge for this purpose. User selectable sampling rates of 256Hz, 512Hz or 1024 Hz make sure that NeuroLink IP endows with the whole thing that is required for clinical use and research. The device redefines the litheness of ECG system with a dense, lightweight wearable amplifier. This permits the patient to choose a configuration based upon their needs. The cascadable amplifier intend to proffer an expansion of 64-channel unit to 256-channel by adding together extra amplifier boxes. Accurate TCP/IP connectivity permits the amplifier to be linked to the obtainable hospital network.
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