Drainage reservoir / wound DRENTECH PUMP REDAX

Drainage reservoir / wound DRENTECH PUMP REDAX

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Varying sizes of 100, 200, and 400 ml of drainage bulbs that are made of silicone elastomer. The clear reservoir and graduations make it easier to identity and measure the exudate. Through the allowance of a low vacuum aspiration level the silicone walls offer easy activation of the suction. The bulbs made of silicone are idea to various surgeries from neurosurgery, facial, plastic, neck, gynecological, and mastectomy. The main features offer 100% clear silicone, construction free from latex. The 200 and 400 milliliter sizes allow connection of two drains with dual inlet ports. The internal and anti-reflux valve helps to prevent the backflow of fluid from traveling to the patient.
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