Water seal pleural drainage set / single-chamber DRENTECH® COMPACT REDAX

Water seal pleural drainage set / single-chamber DRENTECH® COMPACT REDAX

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It is the most compact device used in chest drainage. It is also stable. It features drainage controls vacuum through water column regulation. It is ideal for both pediatric and adult patients with its precise and easy-to-read scale. Furthermore, it has a unique Auto Regulation system that ensures correct flow rate all the time. It also permits correct bubbling regulation that is independent from flow and vacuum. Redax Chest Drain is a practical device that frees personnel from the task of monitoring and managing the source of vacuum. With its solid built-in handle, it can be fixed to the bed of the patient, permitting easy transport and easy patient movement. It has amazing features like the patented water manometer that allows vacuum tuning from -5 to -25 cm H2O, an underwater seal chamber that detects air leak bubbling, and accurate intra-pleural pressure. The compact size also saves space and improves the device's stability.
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