Disease risk management software / medical Archimedes

Disease risk management software / medical Archimedes

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What is IndiGO? Archimedes IndiGO is a unique decision support tool designed for use by physicians, other healthcare providers (nurses, care managers, health coaches), and patients. IndiGO calculates and displays the risk a patient has of adverse events - such as heart attacks, strokes, and onset of diabetes. IndiGO then suggests and prioritizes the medications and/or lifestyle interventions that have the greatest impact on reducing that risk. IndiGO has been deployed within accountable care organizations (ACO), integrated delivery networks (IDN), independent practice associations (IPA), and patient-centered medical homes (PCMH). How IndiGO works IndiGO creates individualized guidelines, designed to assist the provider and patient in making the best preventive care decisions. IndiGO uses each individual’s personal health information (de-identified from electronic health record (EHR), data warehouses, or disease registries) to calculate their risks of different diseases, and the overall health impact of different medication and lifestyle interventions. IndiGO then displays this information in an easily understood graphical interface that enables the provider and patient to compare the effects of different choices they might make.
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