Clinical trial management software ARCHeS Archimedes

Clinical trial management software ARCHeS Archimedes

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Set Up a Virtual Trial ARCHeS Trial Designer (ARCHeS TD) enables users to set up a virtual clinical trial which is run through the Archimedes Model. The resulting forecast dataset can be thoroughly explored in ARCHeS Outcomes Analyzer (ARCHeS OA). ARCHeS TD provides a comprehensive web interface with intuitive tools which leads users step-by-step through the process of creating their virtual trial. De?ne Study Population De?ne inclusion/exclusion criteria to identify subjects based on clinical biomarker values, existing medical conditions, and current medication use Get instant graphical feedback, including size of eligible population for any I/E criteria scenario and average population characteristics (mean, standard deviation) Adjust population characteristics to match a known population pro?le Specify Background Care Turn on or o? categories of standard care based on current guidelines and calibrated to US levels (e.g. guidelines for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure) Apply Standard or Custom Interventions Select from a number of pre-defined standard interventions (e.g., diuretics, statins) Design custom interventions by specifying e?ects on clinical biomarkers and set eligibility criteria for each intervention
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