Digital video camera / intra-oral Dentaloscope 2HD orangedental

Digital video camera / intra-oral Dentaloscope 2HD orangedental
Dentaloscope 2HD

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The Dentaloscope displays a top-quality, HD, magnified live image of the treatment field on a screen – and the indirect, minimally invasive treatment is performed in an ergonomically upright, relaxed seated position. Naturally, you can directly view the mouth at any time for an overview. Versatile mounting options at the unit (column, wall, ceiling or cart mounted, KaVo Centro®) Ergonomic: Do you suffer from pain or muscle tension while performing treatments? With the Dentaloscope, back pain after a long treatment or permanent damage to the back or cervical spine resulting from working in a poor posture are a thing of the past. Everything in view: The Dentaloscope provides a top-quality view of the treatment field. The detailed view enables accurate indirect treatment. Precise: An unequalled 2.5–25x zoom (10x optical magnification) and incredible depth of field are available to you for every treatment – without having to look through a microscope eyepiece or a loupe.