Digital video camera / intra-oral c-on nxt orangedental

Digital video camera / intra-oral c-on nxt orangedental
c-on nxt

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A picture says more than a thousand words. Through visualization you can improve patient communication and best document your work - ideally before and after each treatment, depending on the indication. In this, the c-on nxt supports you in an exceptional manner. With conventional intraoral cameras, images of molars and buccal teeth present a significant challenge to both patient and doctor. The c-on nxt camera solves this problem in a unique way thanks to its patented Height & Side Control (HSC). The automatic image rotation of the c-on nxt always places the image upright for you (HSC). Thus the c-on nxt can be held and inserted like a dental instrument - ergonomically optimal for both patient and dentist. With a change of perspective, e.g. from lingual to buccal or distal to mesial, the image does not turn on its head but rather remains upright and true to side. Thus you create intraoral images quickly and surely without time-consuming PC editing. For the patient, automatic image rotation provides real orientation assistance - patient and dentist can follow the oral situation on the screen as if in front of a mirror. Simply trend-setting.