Digital electroretinograph Neuro-ERG Neurosoft

Digital electroretinograph Neuro-ERG Neurosoft

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Digital System for ERG and Visual EP Study Main Features: Electroretinography (ERG): registration of rod and maximal ERG in dark-adapted eye registration of cone ERG in light-adaptated eye by using white, red, green and blue penlight stimulators local ERG registration by using spot LED stimulators (penlights) with concentrators for diagnostics of central disorders rhythmical ERG registration with arbitrarily set stimulation frequency pattern-ERG registration for the ganglionary cell state assessment on/off ERG registration for study of retina structure response on long stimulus oscillatory potentials registration in light- and dark-adaptated eye Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP): registration of flash and pattern (checkerboard, vertical/horizontal bars or arbitrarily generated image) visual evoked potentials and “onset”/“offset” stimulation registration of rhythmical (steady-state) visual evoked potentials with arbitrary set stimulation frequency Electro-Oculography: registration of pre-adaptation, dark phase and light response
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