Diagnostic catheter / mapping / intracardiac PentaRay® NAV Biosense Webster

Diagnostic catheter / mapping / intracardiac PentaRay® NAV Biosense Webster
PentaRay® NAV

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The Pentaray Mappping Catheter is a two dimensional high resolution catheter which covers wide area to carry out mapping complex arrhythmias in any chamber of the heart. The catheter is equipped with unique configuration which enables to access huge data with high signal resolution with a new level of precision. The device contains 20 electrodes which are spaced precisely along five branches which radiate from the deflectable tip. The catheter's contact with the endocardium tip generates mapping-data of high intensity from a wide area. The produced data enables the electrophysiologist to identify focal and multifocal atrial activation sources, viable tissue inside a scar, scar borders and other important signals. The device helps identification of activation patterns in atria or ventricles covering an area of over 7 cm2. The multi-branch configuration design provides a broader acces to information with high precision.
  • Area of the body:intracardiac
  • Application:diagnostic, mapping
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