Cardiac mapping system Carto® 3 Biosense Webster

Cardiac mapping system Carto® 3 Biosense Webster
Carto® 3

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Biosense Webster company, known for their outstanding products and excel in terms of being reliable and durable features Carto® 3 System, the most advanced 3D mapping platform of these days. It has been designed such a way that it is compatible with future innovations in electro-physiology. Carto® 3 establishes 3 new important capabilities to elevate individuals' procedures to an entirely new level. Accurate visualization permits individuals to notice all catheters in anatomy with transparency and minutely. Increased mapping speed along with FAM enables individuals to map as quickly as one can move the catheter. The streamlined workflow permits individual as well as their lab staff to perform more efficiently. CartoSound® Module with SoundStar® Catheter helps to seamlessly identify exact location of ablation catheter and specific cardiac anatomy at the actual time of AF procedures. The integration of ultrasound associated with the Carto® System technology optimizes procedural efficiency while contributing to safety, enhancing clarity of anatomical images.
  • Application domain:cardiac
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