Desiccant compressed air dryer / medical LLD Beacon Medaes

Desiccant compressed air dryer / medical LLD Beacon Medaes

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Made especially for use in the healthcare setting, BeaconMedæs LifeLine® dryers are not affected with the fluctuating flow conditions in almost all hospital applications. LifeLine® systems yield a low dew point consistently that is well below NFPA 99 requirements. It can remove 50% more water compared to refrigerant dryers, thereby eliminating dew point alarms. The weakness of a lot of desiccant dryers is the switching valve. The LifeLine® 441 valve utilizes 2 sliding ceramic plates that create an almost perfect seal that is almost indestructible. When the plates slide during every desiccant tower changeover, they clean themselves from any particulates that usually ruin ordinary valve designs. This results in a valve that does not need maintenance and one that is extremely reliable. The LifeLine® heatless desiccant dryers also make use of dew point dependent purge control that guarantees low energy consumption.
  • Applications:medical
  • Technology:desiccant
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