Dermatological laser / diode / tabletop Professional TFL Eltech K-Laser

Dermatological laser / diode / tabletop Professional TFL Eltech K-Laser
Professional TFL

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Use of dermatology laser in modern medicine got great results, ensuring very reduced treatment and healing time. Nowadays, laser radiation is successfully used for skin rejuvenation and for skin beauty flaw. K-Laser Professional TFL allows the operator to provide an efficient, focused and fast treatment, which is totally endurable by patient: A PAIN-FREE THERAPY. Thanks to its fractioned action (thermofractional laser ), laser beam beats delimited areas, making imperceptible dermal lesions (micro spot diameter up to 99 micron), keeping the not treated area perfectly untouched. In this way hundreds not-visible micro-coagulations are produced, new derma is reactivating from now on: performed micro-lesions are separated each other from a totally intact tissue, which starts an intense regeneration tissue process, making new collagen and elastine. K-Laser Professional TFL is not just stimulating, but it activates the new tissue production, which is more tonic and looks better, with a pretty big reduction of wrinkles and aging signs. All that in total safety and pain- free by patient, as K-Laser Professional TFL does not take any piece of skin out. This is the big innovation of our treatment and the guarantee of excellent results. YOUNG FACE, SMOOTHY AND BRIGHT SKIN, TENSE AND WITHOUT AGEING SIGNS. Using K-Laser Professional TFL means, treating all the most common skin pathologies, as: face wrinkles, hypertrophic and atrophic scars, inflamed acne status, acne results, stretch mark, lassity and skin aging.
  • Ergonomics:tabletop
  • Application:dermatological
  • Amplifying medium:diode
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