Biostimulation laser / diode / hand-held Cube Eltech K-Laser

Biostimulation laser / diode / hand-held Cube Eltech K-Laser

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4 WAVELENGTHS K-Laser Cube Therapy is the worlds most innovative laser therapy as it includes the optimal range of wavelengths used in physiotherapy, delivering up to 4 simultaneously! 905 nm Oxygen is released at varying rates from the blood stream, and the quicker this happens, the more fuel the cell has to carry out all of its natural healing processes. This wavelength is absorbed in part by the hemoglobin, water, melanin and by the cytochrome. The more this irradiation is absorbed, the greater the quantity of oxygen available to the cells. 660 nm Irradiating an area with a 660 nm wavelength, that the melanin in our skin absorbs very well, will ensure that a large dose of energy be delivered on the surface. Since light can both inhibit bacteria and promote cell growth, laser therapy has incredible results in wound healing and tissue regeneration. 970 nm Blood is the primary transport system that brings the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cell, and carries away the catabolic by products. Water in our organism absorbs this wavelength very well, and when it absorbs a photon, all of the energy is converted to heat. These deep tissue, localized hot spots, create temperature gradients at the cellular level that stimulate local micro-circulation that bring more oxygen fuel to the cells. 800 nm The terminal enzyme in the respiratory chain is cytochrome c oxidase, which determines how efficiently the cell converts molecular oxygen into ATP. This enzymes highest absorption is at 800 nm, cycling back and forth between reduced and oxidized states at its own pace, each cycle producing a molecule of ATP. Photon absorption speeds up this process, accelerating ATP production.
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