Depth of anesthesia monitor aepEX Barkey

Depth of anesthesia monitor aepEX Barkey

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The aepEX depth of anaesthesia monitoring system presents the start of a new era in patient monitoring. The conscious intraoperative awareness of pain, fear and complete helplessness is an extremely serious complication. It occurs at a frequency of between 0.1 and 0.2% and, in the worst case, leads to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)¹. Whereas the depth of sleep is measured as the priority in conventional EEG measurements, the aepEX PLUS records the acoustic perceptual capacity (auditory evoked potentials). Human acoustic awareness has the highest priority within human senses with regard to alarm functions in the evolutionary history. The lack of acoustic awareness (measured by the aepEX PLUS) can therefore inferentially exclude any awareness. Your benefits: Easy operation using three pushbuttons Safe and reliable data Rapid and simple interpretation of displayed data Compact and heavy-duty construction Mobile application through use of accumulators Preset modes for operation and intensive wards Completely illuminated display Self-test function when device is switched on Download facilities to existing systems
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