Dialysis infusion warmer Barkey

Dialysis infusion warmer Barkey

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Barkey offers a customized warming system for pediatric peritoneal dialysis system (e.g. "PD-Paed Plus" by Fresenius Medical Care). Heat is the key to your "little" patients' well-being! Whereas adults may complain of discomfort during the inflow of unwarmed dialysate, small infants commonly respond to cool dialysate with a sudden fall in blood pressure (pediatric nephrology, Ellis D. Avner et al., 5. edition, p. 1381). It is recommended to always warm PD fluid to body temperature before infusion into the child (neonates). The Barkey Warming System for pediatric peritoneal dialysis system consists of the following three components: Barkey autocontrol 3XPT The Barkey autocontrol 3XPT is used as a control unit for two heating devices for hygienic, patient-suitable, biologically caring and safe warming and keeping warm of patients. Intelligent tuning of heating devices in the XPT series enables the user to connect these to a Barkey autocontrol 3XPT without previous balancing. The Barkey autocontrol 3XPT controller automatically detects any heating devices connected. It detects and checks their temperature control reliably and efficiently. Barkey authotherm XPT The actively warmed heating jackets made of aluminium guarantee precise and safe keeping warm of PD fluids. More information about the Barkey autotherm XPT: Barkey autotherm XPT Barkey autoline XPT 4R The Barkey autoline XPT 4R sleeve warmer is an actively warmed heating jacket which heats a PD infusion tube and protects it against cooling. More information about the Barkey autoline: Barkey autoline XPT 4R
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