Dental unit with delivery system / with hydraulic chair V300 Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment

Dental unit with delivery system / with hydraulic chair V300 Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment

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is the complete Victor treatment centre. Providing all-round reliability and finely-targeted performance, this exclusive equipment is ready to boost your potential as a dental professional. The V300 dental unit provides instruments and technology specially designed for those performing conservative and prosthetic dentistry at the very highest levels. incorporates a LED bar on the dentists module control panel to display dynamic instrument values, allowing closer operative control. Silent, ultra-light, vibration-free and with a 1,000 40,000 rpm range, the NEXT induction micromotor is a technologically advanced instrument requiring very little maintenance. The V300 features a powerful, silent hydraulic-lift patient chair with 2 pre-set and 4 programmable positions. Chair movement activates safety systems that shut down instruments and prevent risk of impact against obstruction during backrest lowering. The assistants side can include: 3-way syringe, surgical and saliva suction cannulae, intraoral camera or curing light. Designed in Europe in compliance with clear-cut directives, the V300 features highly reliable, tested devices to prevent the risk of cross-contamination in the surgery. Designed to provide passive defence against contamination, the dental unit makes cleaning tasks easier by incorporating numerous removable parts. All surfaces can be washed using special detergents. Removing the unit body side panel gives access to the hygiene and suction systems, the air/water separator and the water heater. Checking fluid levels and routine maintenance are simple procedures.
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