Dental treatment unit V100 Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment

Dental treatment unit V100 Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment

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is the result of solid industrial tradition and cutting-edge production methods. A concept that combines outstanding design and practicality. Smoothly styled lines define the geometry of materials specifically selected for their strength and capacity to give the unit exceptional stability. Careful selection of construction materials, such as special plastics and a steel framework, gives the dental unit improved solidity and strength plus enhanced aesthetics. As soon as you switch it on, you know the V100 is the right choice. Instruments with spray anti-retraction. Dentists module with ergonomic over-the-patient delivery. A positionable unit body that opens on both sides. The V100 features a simple, effective pneumatic system for top reliability and durability. One switch controls electrical power, compressed air and water. Instruments can also be activated/deactivated via the foot control, as can Chip Air and Chip Water functions. Via their respective modules, both dentist and assistant can manage patient movement and the dynamics of the entire system. in designing this dental unit, hygiene was given top priority. Built to limit the risks of contamination at source, the V100 unit also features active systems that provide maximum efficiency against bacterial proliferation. The instrument spray anti-retraction device reduces all risks of cross-infection. A 1.8 litre pressurized bottle ensures independent water feed. Through design, all hygiene procedures are made easy. The silicon tray and handpiece support mats on the dentists module can be autoclaved. Both the filter and the cup and bowl fill unit can be removed to ensure thorough cleaning.