Dental turbine TwinPower Morita

Dental turbine TwinPower Morita

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The new TwinPower 4HX turbine craftily integrates capacity and aesthetics. It features innovative technology and practical solution features such as the Double-impeller technology, quick-stop system, and the compatible coupling system which is one its user-efficient features. The TwinPower 4HX turbine's ball bearings are made of ceramic. It has a radial air bypass feature which allows it to operate noiselessly. The compact head can be ø 12 mm, 13.2 mm or ø 10.5 mm, 13.8 mm long depending on the model. It operates at 22W, more than most brands or as much as 25W, the most wattage for any turbine of its kind, all depending on the model. Both models have 3 spray nozzles, a push-button chuck, and an optical glass rod.
  • Application domain:dental
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