Dental turbine TG 656 CHIRANA

Dental turbine TG 656 CHIRANA
TG 656

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Application: Turbine handpiece TG 656 belongs to the group of air-driven dental handpieces designed for dental treatment, especially for redrilling of enamel, opening of cavity, abrasion of teeth under crown and using a special tool accordance with special operating procedure for cutting up crowns and bridges as well. Optimal operating speed is recommended from 150.000 to 250.000 rpm. Advantages: The advantage of turbines TG /giga/ is their high performance, easy handling in the patient´s mouth and blowing of cavity directly by turbine handpiece /chip blower/. It is necessary to underline the high-alloy stainless steel body of turbine what is reflecting in high hygiene standard, durability and low weight of instrument. High operating speed of turbine handpiece together with its low weight provide the preparation with ,,light hand” to aplly as much painless treatment as possible with failure-free operation of instrument as well. The main advantage of this turbine is the simplicity and very affordable price.
  • Application domain:dental
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