Air dental scaler / handpiece OZK 92 CHIRANA

Air dental scaler / handpiece OZK 92 CHIRANA
OZK 92

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Description: Pneumatic scaler OZK 92 belongs to a group of air-driven instruments designed for dental treatment, especially for prophylaxis to clean the fissures, removing plaque and in particular the removal of calculus. The handpiece includes universal tip no.1. Optional removable tip no.2 and no.3 expand its use. Body of handpiece is produced from stainless-steel to minimize the weight of this dental instrument. The hygiene of pneumatic scaler OZK92 is secured by sterilisation at 135°C. The scaler is connected to dental unit via universal hose Chirana with socket 4-ISO MIDWEST. Advantages: The advantage of pneumatic scaler OZK 92 is its reliability and wide range of possible applications, allowing usage for patients with cardiac pacemaker as well. For its full functionality doesn’t require an electrical source or any special module/control PCB and it’s connectable to standard turbine hose. The advantage of the application of pneumatic scaler is especially in achieving of quality and efficiency of treatment.
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