Dental surgery turbine 360000 rpm | Sigma Air 3S Dentflex

Dental surgery turbine 360000 rpm | Sigma Air 3S Dentflex
360000 rpm | Sigma Air 3S

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High speed handpiece made with high quality materials. It has front body and head constructed of chrome plated brass and its body made of chromed aluminum which ensures lightness to the product. Its body has few lines and excellent design which provides ergonomics and ease of sterilization. Instrument can be autoclaved at 135 ° C. Fiction Grip (FG) System. Equipment consisting of high precision components such as bearings, assembled on o´ring in order to mitigate vibrations. It has high precision rotor, constructed of aluminum, with an average diameter of 10 mm, larger than the rotors of the other models already manufactured by Dentflex. Therefore this model stands out for high torque and excellent performance, ensuring the dentist a better cost / benefit. It has a 45 degree angle on the head to increase the visual field of the Surgeon dentist and facilitate achievement in areas of difficult access. Features: High speed instrument of 360,000 RPM working at a pressure 31 to 35 PSI, with triple spray and air consumption of 40 l / min + / -2. Its fitting to the dental set is through the models of connection borden or midwest whose dimensions are in accordance with ISO 9168. The head of the Sigma - Air 3S 45 degrees has a diameter of 12mm and length of 14.7mm (FG). Its body has a larger diameter of 16mm and 9mm smaller diameter, and its total length is approximately 125mm. The weight of the high speed varies depending on its connection, as shown in the following table.
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