Dental surgery contra-angle / reduction 20:1 | FX 200 LP Dentflex

Dental surgery contra-angle / reduction 20:1 | FX 200 LP Dentflex
20:1 | FX 200 LP

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Surgical low speed Contra Angle used for drilling and insertion of implants. Made of chrome plated brass with internal gears made of stainless steel. Head tilted which ensures easy handling. Instrument autoclaved at 135 ° C. Includes a mechanical device that allows adjustment of the effective length of the drill (depth stop), which ensures excellent control of bone drilling, providing greater safety during surgery. Equipment constituted by high-precision components such as bearings in the head and the speed reduction system, this allows a large degree of efficiency, increasing the equipment life and prevents overheating of the part. Features: Low speed instrument with reduction 20:1, high efficiency in reducing speed, working speed of 1500 RPM and 45Ncm torque for drilling and 20 RPM and torque 45Ncm for insertion. It has internal and external cooling (Optional). Its fitting to the micromotor is through E-type connection whose dimensions are in accordance with ISO 3964. Unique design with rounded corners that ensures safety and convenience in handling. The head of the Contra Angle FX200-LP has a width of 7.8mm, a length of 15.1mm and a height of 12mm, the total length of this model is 112mm.
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