Dental micromotor control unit DP6 Daeyoung Precision

Dental micromotor control unit DP6 Daeyoung Precision

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Standing type Useful to work on the top of the workbench. LED Display Box installed R.P.M is shown in LED display box for easy work. Various R.P.M control method R.P.M(min0~max40,000R.P.M)can be controlled by Hand or Foot using Hand/Foot switch. Self Diagnosis & Reset function It diagnoses by itself and shows Error Code ( ER ) in LED box when it is breakdown and malfunction and turn on the Power Switch for reset after the problem solutions. Feedback function Provide same power to the handpiece at low speed, so it is offered maximum Torque in all R.P.M. Basic mode operation set Turn on the Power Switch, be set in basis mode. R.P.M control: Foot direction (Hand and Foot select). Rotation direction: Forward. R.P.M: must select "0" by function of safety.
  • Application:for dental micromotors
South Korea

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