Copying milling machine / bench-top S2 Daeyoung Precision

Copying milling machine / bench-top S2 Daeyoung Precision

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Specially designed connection arm fixed - Ball bearing is install in two arms can be free from the movement to survey easily. LM-guide installed - Movement is free vertical slip and weight of thrust by LM-guide that has excellent durability and robustness because it minimize a coefficient of friction. Equip with JOW chuck - Ml is equipped with all kinds of surveyor burs and accessories are available by special chuck is designed JOW way. 6-stage tension installed - Installed a 6-stage tension adjuster to minimizes weight to provide the best working environment. Special designed table - All kinds of denture models simply and stably by newly developed circular and horizontal-vertical table. Excellent durability - All parts are beautiful and permanently because they are made of coated high strength Aluminum alloy.
  • Configuration:bench-top
South Korea

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