Dental laboratory workstation / with patient simulator / automatic / 2-station Kousha Fan Pars Co. (KFP-Dental Co.)

Dental laboratory workstation / with patient simulator / automatic / 2-station Kousha Fan Pars Co. (KFP-Dental Co.)
Kousha Fan Pars Co. (KFP-Dental Co.)

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Features · Double Built-in micromotor system, controllable foot pedal, adjustable speed, clockwise & counter-clockwise rotation · Double Mini-unit with the ability to slide, with three holder to connect water & air syringe and the ability to connect to turbine · Double Strong air nozzle to clean the dusts · Double Suction system to collect suspended particles & dust · Double Particle collection bags with filtering valves · Double Automatic on & off suction system controlled by micromotor · Double Standard spot light to adjust light intensity · Metallic stands with ability to adjust height · Fast & easy selection and replacement of table stands according to working environment · Heat-resistant, anti-scratch & anti-bacterial surface (made from composite stone or MDF) · Shelf (console) for purpose of placing the necessary instruments · Four elbow support to enhance ergonomics · Double Head phantom with separate evacuation system with ability to connect to sewage · Protective shield in order to enhance safety · Two separated drawers & two underneath drawer with plastic tray · Internal gas, air & water connections · Portable water reservoir to use head phantom · Benzene flame with internal gas connections · Electrical Switchgear with four outgoing socket · The possibility to install 50000 RPM micromotor with elbow control · Programmable intelligent system and screen display to control and display parameters (micromotor rotational speed, light intensity) in a modular package
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