Sintering furnace / dental laboratory Kousha Fan Pars Co. (KFP-Dental Co.)

Sintering furnace / dental laboratory Kousha Fan Pars Co. (KFP-Dental Co.)
Kousha Fan Pars Co. (KFP-Dental Co.)

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Features · Firing all existing ceramics (zirconium, etc.) in the market. · Weekly programmable timer to define the desired starting time. · Bilingual Help program in English and Farsi · Precision temperature sensor to display furnace temperature · Advanced processing system for automatic programs control · Graphical & Digital LCD to display processing information · Equipped with six MoSI2 heating elements to create a monotone creation & distribution of heat · Thermal calibration program. · Audio signals at the beginning and end of the program. · Intelligent alarm system to warn software/hardware errors · Vertical lift to move smoothly to achieve a minimum amount of noise and vibration. · Thanks to motorized system for up & down door motion. · Durable components (due to component selection for Performance at 1800 ° C). · High precision performance. · Easy set up and application.
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