Dental laboratory CAD/CAM scanner SCANNER 850 CHARLYROBOT SAS

Dental laboratory CAD/CAM scanner SCANNER 850 CHARLYROBOT SAS

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850 Scanner is appareled with the SmartOptics technology with structured white light by projection of fringes allowing first to get a very short time of scanning and an increased skill needed in implant industry and also a better perception of the undercut milling areas. The 850 scanner are planned with a software leading by Exocad. It is simply design and minimization in the scale?. It has all types of prostheses as coping, anatomical Covering, Crown, CIV, inlay, onlay, facets, overpress technical, telescope, pillars of implants, bars, attachments. They fluctuate mainly by their level of equipments options and for the 850 Scan by the real monitoring of the articulators. It is wide-ranging library of teeth shapes. Automated and elastic limits detection?.Dental CAM/CAD software including the Exocad technology The Crows & Bridges basis module is supplied in standard with all our scanners.
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