Dental facebow with occlusal fork Whip Mix Europe

Dental facebow with occlusal fork Whip Mix Europe
Whip Mix Europe

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The HANAU™ earpiece facebow 153 is a simple method of securing a facebow record. Suspension from the external auditory meatus makes it a one operator bow. With increased emphasis on preservation of the natural dentition and a need for better instrumentation to meet the precise requirements for fixed restorative techniques, the HANAU™ Earpiece Facebow 153 is designed for this use. It is available in several styles to comply with various methods of facebow registration and transfer. It is adaptable to most makes of articulators. Scales are tilted forward for ease of reading and adjustment. Nylon earpieces are parallel to the transverse hinge axis preventing uncomfortable penetration into the auditory canal. Earpieces are vented, minimizing distortion, it assures accurate and dependable function. The Bitefork / Biteplane clamp has an overhead integral lock. No separate wrenches are required. Finger pressure achieves locking without introducing torque into the bow.
  • Other characteristics:with occlusal fork
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