Dental articulator 2000 series Whip Mix Europe

Dental articulator 2000 series Whip Mix Europe
2000 series

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"Accumount" Mounting System The patented "Accumount" Mounting System, makes it possible to exchange mounted casts between any MODEL 2240 or between any MODEL 2340 ARTICULATOR without loss of accuracy. During manufacture, each Articulator has a special table firmly and precisely attached to the lower frame using a special fixture and low fusing alloy. Advantages of Interchangeability Users can transfer mounted casts without loss of accuracy Mounted casts need no longer be sent on an articulator when shipped to or from a laboratory using the same articulator model Reduces the number of instruments required in both the dental office and dental laboratory Instrument damage caused by shipping the articulator to and from the dental lab is eliminated No expensive equipment or time-consuming calibration is necessary with the "Accumount" system
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