Dental delivery system VE-5 D.B.I. AMERICA

Dental delivery system VE-5 D.B.I. AMERICA

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is a uniquely diverse unit with the capabilities of being mounted on a Post, Wall or even in a Cabinet. Designed specifically for space saving. This one of a kind unit comes equipped with a Three Way Syringe, 360°Swivel Fiber Optic Push Button High Speed Handpiecewith Quick Disconnect Coupler. A user-friendly Low Speed Polisher with speeds up to 5,000 rpm for the optimal polishing experience and an LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece with 70,000 LUX of light to enhance your field of vision while reducing eye strain, no need for overhead lighting or loupes. The Scaler comes with (3) Scaler Tips, (3) LED Sleeves and (3) Wrenches. Like all our units we also include a Starter Kit that consist of (1) Bur Kit, (1) 2oz Handpiece Lubricant and Prophy Angles to get you up in running in no time.
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