Mobile dental delivery system VE-4 D.B.I. AMERICA

Mobile dental delivery system VE-4 D.B.I. AMERICA

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is an All-in-One Mobile Delivery System which only requires electrical connection. Equipped with an Eco-Friendly, 3/4 Horse power, Oil-Free Compressor eliminating oil exposure to patients and no messy oil changes. Sturdy height adjustable, this delivery system features automatic instrument selection and a single dual clean water system. This all inclusive unit comes standard with 1 Three Way Syringe, (1) 360° Swivel Fiber Optic Push Button Handpiece, (1) Low SpeedPolisher (5K), (1) Standard Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece without Light, (1) Water Reservoirs of 2 liters , (1) Starter Kit: Bur Kit, 2oz Handpiece Lubricant and Prophy Angles with Polishing Paste, (1) Stainless Steel Tray and a Consolidated Foot Control.
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