Dental contra-angle / with light 40 000 rpm, 1:1 | 120 L CHIRANA

Dental contra-angle / with light 40 000 rpm, 1:1 | 120 L CHIRANA
40 000 rpm, 1:1 | 120 L

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The contra-angle handpiece 120L belongs to a group of micromotoric hanpieces with light. The gear ratio of this micromotoric handpiece is 1:1 (without multiplication). The contra-angle handpiece 120L represents only the lower part of the instrument, which has to be completed with the head, for example 1:1 type 168D/T. Body of handpiece is produced from stainless-steel to minimize the weight of this dental instrument. The hygiene of contra-angle handpiece 120L is secured by sterilisation at 135°C. The use of high-alloyed steel for production of this instrument is resulting in its reliability and durability. If we compare with the type 120D, the new model 120L represents a version of contra-angle with light and it has new ergonomic design with the latest construction of gearing mechanism and new body with smooth surface to provide much higher standard of hygiene. Advantages: The advantages of this instrument are light weight, easy handling, high performance and high intensity of light to bring ideal conditions for dental treatment. The contra angle handpieces CHIRANA Medical, a.s. are developed as divided parts, i.e. the head and the contra-angle are two detachable independent parts. This unique concept offers for the dentist high variability of application where main lower part is one instrument with possibility to connect up to 20 kinds of various heads (head Chirana 168 D/T, up to 16 compatible heads from KaVo, or 3 kinds of head from MK-dent company).
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