Dental central vacuum pump Hercules 3, Hercules 5 CORPUS VAC

Dental central vacuum pump Hercules 3, Hercules 5 CORPUS VAC
Hercules 3, Hercules 5

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Hercules 3 and 5 is a strong and compact size central vacuum system for 3-4 or 5-6 treatment rooms. Its vacuum pumps are suitable to work continuously 7-8 hours in day. The motor generates 900 watt (for 3 dental chairs) and 1500 watt (for 5-6 dental chairs). The motor’s vacuum power is 170- 200 mmHg and airflow is 2500 – 3000 liter air /minute. There are two different sizes of air/water separators by 12 liter and 25 liter for different size of clinics. The separators can be cleaned easily by a user without any technical services or any tools. The two-size separator has level sensors which are controlling the minimum and maximum level of the secretion in order to start and stop automatic drain system with a drain pump. The level sensors have a problem-free design and do not require any maintenance. Hercules’ main control board (electronic) is designed to control the vacuum systems for 1 kW to 8 kW. Corpus Central Vacuum Systems can support any size of clinic with 5 treatment rooms to 100 treatment rooms. All sizes of Hercules have a special adjuster valve to protect the vacuum pump and also to adjust the vacuum power easily.
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