Aspirating vacuum pump / dental Corpus Maxi CORPUS VAC

Aspirating vacuum pump / dental Corpus Maxi CORPUS VAC
Corpus Maxi

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- Corpus Maxi is a dental high vacuum, surgical aspirator, suction and saliva ejector for dental clinic and surgiary room. - Installation of Corpus Maxi Dental high Vacuum and suction device does not require any special equipment or assistance. It needs a city electric and waste water line. - It can be comfortably located next to dental chair, as well as moved to another place by the help of its wheels without any technical support. - Maxi can assist you very well during your dental unit’s suction failure or insufficiency. - Maxi is designed to facilitate all sort of dental treatments such as surgical, implant, orthodontics with its permanent powerful suction ability. - Corpus Maxi Suction Device can also be described as non-stop working, high performance, maximum hygiene, and ergonomic. - The motor one of the fundamental parts of Maxi is produced by using high technology that enables the motor to work 8-10 hours continuously and without regular maintenance. It is produced at our facilities. - Air motor aspirates 1600 liter air in a minute and cools quickly after very long working periods due to its light aluminum mono block body.
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