Dental autoclave / medical / compact / automatic 5 L | DX-18 B DENTAL X SPA

Dental autoclave / medical / compact / automatic 5 L | DX-18 B DENTAL X SPA
5 L | DX-18 B

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The new DX 18 Premium line combines compact design with thirty years of experience matured in the medical and dentistry sector (Domina Plus line) and requirements for cost containment.Technical characteristics and the use of the most advanced technology ensure that the DX autoclave guarantees excellent features and maximum reliability. In line with market trends and the requirement for ever more efficient sterilising systems Dental X is happy to present its new DX18 B model.The DX18 B is a class B autoclave with vacuum pump and advanced system for controlled sterilisation. In accordance with European standard EN13060, the DX18 B can be used to sterilize wrap and unwrapped surgical instruments including dynamic instruments (drills and hand pieces) as well as woven materials. DX 18 B PREMIUM LINE Fractionated vacuum autoclave with built in printer - class B (EN 13060) Fractionated vacuum (2, 3 or 4 phases) Automatic switch off 8 Programs (Flash program 18 min) Double reservoir : 5 lt. Self-diagnosis and trouble shooting Advanced heating system Process evaluation Control PC and Printer connections Chamber Dimension: Ø 240 x P. 384 mm Capacity 18 lt External Dimensions.: L.443 x P.562 x H. 428 mm. Weight: 50 Kg Power supply.: CE 230 V 50 Hz. USA 110 V 60 Hz Consumption: max 1900 W average 800W
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