Deionizer for sterilizers DX 425 DENTAL X SPA

Deionizer for sterilizers DX 425 DENTAL X SPA
DX 425

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The water is an important issue, specially referring to Class B autoclaves that need a lot of water for each cycle In order to avoid continuous water supplies, dental x offer two advanced solutions: The first one provides the installation of a simple resin demineralizer in the practice. The Demineralizer DX 425 prevent to buy demineralized water outside and grant perfect high quality water for your autoclaves. The second and the most recommended solution is the Purity. It is a reverse osmotic system able to provide water automatically. It is clear that water network connections are strictly required. Demineralizer DX 425 It enable the production of quality demineralised water at the office, at low costs and without time loss. The demineralizer is equipped with a water quality measuring system and can be easily wall mounted. Flow: 50 lt/h Capacity at 10°TDS 425 lt Water quality H2O 0,1 20 micro siemens/cm Electric connection: 230v 50-60hz Dimensions: 100 x 600 mm Weight 3 Kg Demineralizer Disposable Cartdrige (DEMX010426)
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