Dental autoclave / bench-top STATIM G4 SciCan GmbH

Dental autoclave / bench-top STATIM G4 SciCan GmbH

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FAST. STATIM?s unmatched speed and dependability have made STATIM the world?s best-selling autoclave. And its patented gentle technology has made STATIM the world?s favourite. FORWARD. The STATIM G4 will offer you a level of interactivity never seen before. The STATIM G4, through its LCD touch screen control and STATIM Live networking capability, has been designed to provide you with unprecedented ease of use and puts the user in total control. DOCTORS AROUND THE WORLD RELY ON STATIM. Healthcare practitioners in over 90 countries around the world rely on STATIM to protect their patients and staff from infection – with sterilized instruments in just minutes. In 1989, SciCan transformed the industry, developing the world’s first compact sterilization unit designed to meet the growing need for handpiece sterilization. Today, the STATIM still boasts superior cycle times and processes for both wrapped and unwrapped cycles. In fact, the STATIM Cassette Autoclave® sterilizes up to ten times faster than traditional ‘chamber style’ units. Employing a proprietary positive pressure pulse displacement technology – using saturated steam to remove air and effectively sterilize instruments between patients – the STATIM Autoclave ensures dentists always have an ample supply of instruments ready for use.
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