Dental autoclave / bench-top Ritter PureTec II Ritter Concept GmbH

Dental autoclave / bench-top Ritter PureTec II Ritter Concept GmbH
Ritter PureTec II

The PureTec II is available with an 18 to 23 liter chamber size and is a "stand-alone" autoclave with built-in water storage tank. It works with a fractionated pre- and post vacuum and satisfies the requirements to "Class B+N"- autoclaves. The deep vacuum is created by a high performance double stage vacuum pump. The deep post-vacuum ensures optimal drying of wrapped materials and large quantities of porous goods as well. autoclaves-basicThe PureTec II can be connected with the water treatment system to a water source and drain as an option. A printer for documentation of sterilization is optional available. Sterilizable products: - solid instruments - hollow instruments - wrapped instruments - porous loads The first class of sterilization. Ritter CleanTec pulse vacuum autoclave AB 80 is a big-sized automatic high pressure and temperature sterilization equipment which takes pressure steam as medium. It is suitable for sterilizing articles likes dressings, utensils, Class N and B cavum equipment, medical catheter that used in surgical, laboratory.
  • Application domain: : dental
  • Configuration: : bench-top
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