Dental autoclave / automatic 23 L | MX230 DENTAL X SPA

Dental autoclave / automatic 23 L | MX230 DENTAL X SPA
23 L | MX230

Class B autoclave 23 liters with automatic door vacuum assisted. Adaptive Heat : the new revolutionary heating system, designed by Dental X, enables faster cycles, lower consumption, higher load capacity and finally higher reliability and autoclave long life. 23 liters : The large diameter (26 cm) and the new interactive load system double the autoclave capacity. Top performances: All cycles result very fast, although the electric and water consumption are very low. Rotational vacuum assisted door : The new mechanism increase the safety by simplifying the use. Designed for handpieces:The special thermal features of the chamber and the heating system enable a safe and fast sterilization of all handpieces without damages risks. High traceability: the new units can be connected with a code bar label printer or with the USB Log in order to enable an easy and deep traceability.
  • Other characteristic: : automatic
  • Application domain: : dental
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