Cremation furnace Super Power-Pak III Matthews Cremation

Cremation furnace Super Power-Pak III Matthews Cremation
Super Power-Pak III

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The Next Generation SMOKE-BUSTER™ 175 90 – Minutes or Less Cremation Time Up to 10 Cremations in 14 Hours Designed for large volume production, the Super Power-Pak III Plus Cremator is ideal for facilities performing between 800 and 2,000 cremations annually. It incorporates revolutionary chamber architecture and Votrex Air for improved combustion efficiency and no smoke or odor even under during peak operation, a rear-fired cremation burner for compete coverage and no repositioning of the case, and more. M-pyre 2.0tm - Matthews Cremation is proud to feature the most advanced cremation technology through our M-pyre™2.0 system with intuitive logic control (ILC). Our PC based system allows you with internet connection to enjoy the ability to remote preheat, monitor the cremator activity, view performance reports, track maintenance and communicate directly with your Matthews team. It also allows our service technicians to perform remote diagnostics and make critical adjustments of the cremator from anywhere in the world. Our commitment is to enhance efficiencies that afford you to make the most of this investment into your crematory services.
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