Cremation furnace Ener-Tek IV Matthews Cremation

Cremation furnace Ener-Tek IV Matthews Cremation
Ener-Tek IV

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The Ultimate in Production & Performance EnerTechIV SMOKE-BUSTER™ 207 75 – Minutes or Less Cremation Time Up to 15 Cremations in 18 Hours Designed for large volume production, the Ener-Tek IV Plus Cremator is ideal for facilities performing more 1,500 cremations annually. It incorporates revolutionary chamber architecture, Arch Air and Reactive Air Boost for improved combustion efficiency and no smoke or odor even at maximum operating capacity, our exclusive Bi-Directional Air Flow for faster cremations and no repositioning of the case, and more.
2045 Sprint Blvd,
Apopka, Fl
United States
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