Cremation furnace Millennium III Crematory Manufacturing & Service

Cremation furnace Millennium III Crematory Manufacturing & Service
Millennium III

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Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc., known worldwide for exceptional crematory service and repair work is also the leader in manufacturing the most technologically advanced crematory equipment on the market. Maintaining a high standard of excellence in all areas of service and manufacture, CMS is the recognized global leader offering a complete line of products for today's modern cremation equipment all designed to cremate cleaner, safer, faster, and quieter while being more fuel efficient. Let us show you how Advanced Crematory Technology will increase productivity, increase profitability, and reduce your overall operating costs. Improved Safety Safety and environmental compliance are paramount at CMS. All cremators feature a 2-year warranty and are UL listed and CSA certified to assure their safety. To ensure environmental compliance, the units are designed to perform well below mandated emission levels. CMS can also assist in the filing of documents pertaining to air quality, construction, and operating permits required for customer specific areas. Advanced Refractory Design CMS technology is challenging outdated hot-hearth designs to measure up to new standards of efficiency and performance. Evidence of our commitment to innovation is found in the construction of the interior all Cremators. CMS has chosen materials with the most advanced thermal transfer properties and longevity for use as a refractory on the interior of its Cremators. Designed from the inside out, CMS clients have achieved years of trouble-free service.
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