Cremation furnace equinox Crematory Manufacturing & Service

Cremation furnace equinox Crematory Manufacturing & Service

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The Equinox is the cremator for people that need it all. With its larger loading capacity, high-velocity burners, and the same advanced control system as the Qortex, the Equinox can handle any job with ease. For all of the power inside, the Equinox offers incredibly easy, user-friendly operation via its on-board touchscreen.Simply select the sex, case size/type and the container composition, and the advanced control system does the rest. For the experts and control freaks, the Equinox offers full manual operation as well. The Equinox is the perfect machine for high-volume crematories. Despite its larger size, the materials in the Equinox allow it to cool down rapidly, letting you safely load the next case much sooner than with other models. It is able to cool so quickly because the advanced refractory tiles used in the combustion chamber are not subject to thermal shock and do not retain heat. These same tiles that are in all CMS cremators are designed to last 30% longer and cost 30% less over time than any other cremator available on the market today. For those who need a cremator with an extra-large capacity that can handle high volume and do so with incredible ease, the Equinox provides an unmatched set of features to get the job done.
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